Introduction Of Colors Of Silicone Bracelets And Wristabnds

- Nov 14, 2017-

            In addition to the choice of different bracelet styles like debossed wristbands, debossed colorfilled wristbands, screen imprinted wristbands, embossed imprinted wristbands, you can also choose to customize the different colors of the bracelets. About the color, we have several color styles for you.

(1)If you just want monochrome color, you can choose solid silicone wristbands, solid style band is only in one color, you can choose what solid pantone color you like. You can customize such as solid debossed / embossed wristbands, 1/2 inch Solid Pink Wristbands, Black fundraising Embossed Bracelets or Yellow Volunteer Wristbands and so on.

(2)But if you want Multi-color wristbands, actually you have two choices. The first choice is segmented wristbands, segmented silicone wristbands are the perfect way to promote a sports team or shown off school colors! Multiple colors are segmented around the band, so your color combination really stands out. The colors are adjacent to each other, but do not blend. Segmented colors can be on any style type of wristband except color coated. You can customize such as rainbow rubber bracelets with message for birthday party or school rainbow bracelets, rainbow bands has six colors, and please note that segment color can only have up to 6 colors.

(3)Another choice is swirl silicone bands, the band can have 2 colors, 3 colors, or 4 colors blended. We swirl two or more colors together to give your wristbands with a message an extra splash of color that helps your bands stand out in a crowd, like Swirl Cancer Wristbands.

(4)Can the bracelet glow in the dark? Yes! If you need to hold a party in a dark room or outside, you can choose glow wristbands. Open the package and wear the bands for over 5mins in the light. The bands will glow after you turn off the light and when the room is in total darkness. All of our glow bands will glow green light in dark. No matter you choose any one of the stock 8 colors (blue, green, pink, purple, white, yellow, orange, red) as the band color, it will all glow green light in dark. If you want glowing color in the dark Rubber Wristbands, this is absolutely a best choice.