McGrady's Wristband For Charity

- Oct 04, 2018-

Although McGrady's form on the court is no longer valiant, but T-MAC for charity is the same as before. On September 14, Beijing time, McGrady updated his micro-blog. He posted 12 consecutive messages to sell McGrady's wristband for charity, and the warmhearted T-MAC even admitted that he would give it as circumstances warrant. Big buyers send signature basketball.

As early as this year, McGrady launched his wristband for charity  group buying campaign during the trip to China to raise money to help those in need. The campaign is still in full swing, and McGrady has announced a sales target of 1,000 this week. But a lot of things are easy to say and hard to do, and in order to achieve their intended goals, T-MAC has also mobilized fans in its own micro-blog to carry out the charity.

In order to get people to buy wristbands for charity, McGrady also set up an attractive prize, that is, he may send out a signature basketball, as the case may be, "I want to help sell all the wristbands this week, I will send out a signature basketball to the buyer as the case may be." Tracy McGrady said in micro-blog.

Now McGrady also reveals the sales of wristbands for charity, he said frankly: "Companies and individuals have bought a lot, hoping that everyone can participate in this charity, help me and help others.

McGrady thanked some fans for their support and admitted that he would continue to focus on charity. A few years ago, McGrady traveled to Africa on a charity trip. He also injected philanthropy into his outlook on life. The responsibility to fulfill an international star should be fulfilled.