Most Successful Lanyard Policy

- Nov 07, 2018-

With the end of the first quarter of last week and the first nine weeks of students, faculty and staff were required to wear slings, the government said the sling policy and procedures were largely successful.

With the beginning of the school year, students began to live with lanyard. For safety reasons, students and staff must wear suspenders every day to make sure they are full members of Irish families.

Each group was assigned different colors: yellow in college, orange in sophomore, green in junior, Navy in senior, grey in teacher. Red lanyard is also available for those students who have not lanyard on the same day.

Recently, the appearance of the red lanyard is that the wearer loses the scarlet letter mark of the original lanyard. According to the Vice-Principal, Mr. Jere Kubuske, as of 1 October, 314 students with enrollments of more than 1,100 had lost at least one hanging rope, four of whom had been lost by individuals. Student Affairs

At the same time, Kubuske has noticed another problem since the lanyard joins our school life. "Unfortunately, we let students take the ropes they met and keep themselves, or at least not let them in, which is very disappointing in schools like the cathedral, especially when our theme this year is integrity," Kubuske said.

He encouraged students to follow the rope rules because they ensured their safety and facilitated the opening of the campus.

Kubuske is aware of students' problems with lanyard, and provides some skills to track them. He said, "do not take them away. Keep it open until you go home. Then put it in the same place every time. Many times students take them away all day long, even if they need them at any time in school, and then they forget where they put them or not when they go back. Kubuske wrote in an e-mail that if it was always around your neck, you wouldn't lose it or take it away.

Kubuske also wants to remind students that the price of the new lanyard is US $3, and that of each ID is US $7.

Kubuske will not confirm whether any faculty members have lost their ropes or identity cards so far this academic year.