Patch Editing

- May 08, 2017-

The program that fixes the system vulnerabilities, like the "patch" above the broken clothes, "complements" the system's perfect outfit. These programs are called patches.

Now the popular Windows system, because some versions are relatively low, simply said, is the system lacks the latest content, when your computer connects the network, the system will automatically prompt you: "Your system is flawed" or your system needs to upgrade, download some patches. The recommended use of Windows XP system users, do not download the system patch, preferably replacement of the new version of the system, because now Microsoft's XP system has stopped, computer patches are generally not downloaded from the official website.

Antivirus software generally prompts you: "Your system has a serious flaw, need to download how many patches." "," Check to the new patch, how many, do you download? "Wait ..." When these things appear, you can click to view, according to their own needs or the harm of the system vulnerabilities, severity to select the download, the download, these antivirus programs will automatically install patches to your computer, and then restart the computer.

In short, the patch program for the computer, there is no harm, to learn more about the basic knowledge of computers, more than the operation of computers, the computer can be found to judge the problem!