School Fund-raising Wristband

- Dec 13, 2018-

With the autumn semester going smoothly, it is now the golden time for school fund-raising activities. You know, it's a big, interesting event. Your children will sell biscuit dough, calendars, coupons and other things to raise money for class projects, travel and so on. Yes, we heard you moan. There's a better way, not many people know - school fundraising wristbands.

Listen to us - Custom wristbands are a fast, simple and fun way to raise money. They have a big advantage over other fundraising schemes - you can control yourself.

Why do schools raise money for wristband work

It's a dirty little secret that many fund-raising campaigns don't like to advertise. Some of them need students to raise 50% or more per dollar. The company makes at least as much money as the school.

Wristbands sell fast because people like them. They dress interestingly. They show that people support your cause. When you print your school name and mascot, they are a very popular way to show school spirit and friendship.

This is where the school fundraising wristband really shines. The more you buy, the lower the cost of each wristband. The lower the cost, the more production.

Suppose you buy 50 custom wristbands for $1.79 each. You sell them for $5 - not an unusual price for a fundraising band. You earn $3.21 each, and your net profit is $160. Pretty good.

However, if you order 1000 wristbands, the price will drop to 27 cents per wristband. It's sold at the same price of $5, with a net price of $4,730. Most importantly, your school keeps a net profit. You don't have to send half of it to the fundraising company. You control where cash goes.

What are you waiting for? If your school needs to raise money for band trips, football uniforms, flags, equipment or anything else, school fundraising wristbands are the way to go! If you want more information, please email us.