Silicone Wristband Fundraising: Why Is It Effective?

- Dec 24, 2018-

At this point, it has established that if you want to raise money or awareness for a cause, then silicone wristband is where you should start. There are many reasons. However, if you have any idea whether silicone wristbands are suitable for you, I would like to explain the key reason why they are such valuable fund-raising tools.

Value of fund-raising Wristband

Their prices are very low. That means more profit in your pocket. Silicone wristbands are usually priced at cents per unit rather than dollars. That means you can buy 500 for as little as $175. Then when you sell them to raise awareness and money? Your customers can buy them on a $5 wristband. Fast Mathematics.. Take 1, spin twice and spit on my shoes. Rub it in my handkerchief... Yes, the total income is $2,500. The total investment is $175.

People have fallen in love with them. This is a key point. You don't need to go against the tide. People are used to buying and wearing silicone wristbands, so there is no fashion resistance. Your supporters will see the wristband and want it and wear it. This makes them easy to sell and spread quickly through social groups. Before YouTube uploaded their first video, the wristband became a virus:

You can pair them with more expensive items. Have you sold shirts or jewelry to raise money for your business? Why not contribute 35 cents to your profit, including free wristband advertising for your career and guiding potential new supporters to your website? Building a brand or awareness for a cause requires advertising and getting your name around the world. There are several ways to make it as cheap as silicone wristbands.

They last a long time. Our wristbands are polished, embossed or dented, and only filled with ink. Why? Because these print types can extend the service life of wristbands. A more durable wristband means that your campaign has a longer shelf life. Other websites offer screen printing because they want your money and don't care if they give you a bad product. But the fact is that screen printing erases rubber. Wristband Bros wristband will continue to be used, so you can show your support as needed.

I hope you begin to see the light on the silicone wristband. If you're looking for a quick and easy fundraising campaign, there's really no better choice!