Style Classification

- May 08, 2017-

Engraved: The logo on the bracelet is concave.

Convex engraved: The logo on the bracelet is convex.

Monochrome: The entire bracelet in addition to logo outside for a color

Process color: The entire bracelet is a plurality of colors, for two or more than two colors to blend together made of bracelets.

Printing: The logo on the bracelet is printed on the bracelet with ink on the screen.

Luminous: Usually refers to the glow in the dark high temperature of the bracelet, which also contains a fluorescent bracelet, fluorescent bracelet refers to the absorption of the outside high-energy light radiation, in the darkness of the release of low-energy light.

Transparency: No color added, and a bracelet as transparent as glass.

Color separations: The colors on the bracelet are a section of, and the blend color is different, several colors are not mixed together.

Concave-Engraved color: On the basis of the concave engraved hand logo, plus other colors. The color of logos and bracelets is two different colours.

Convex engraved color: On the basis of a convex logo, plus other colors, that is, logo and bracelet color is two different colors.

Double ring: As the name implies, refers to the two bracelets are connected together, the serial rings.

Belt buckle: Refers to the bracelet is both ends with buckle.

Wavy: The rim of the bracelet is wavy.

National flag: The whole bracelet has the flag of the country.