The Players' Wristbands Were Confiscated By The Referee

- Oct 17, 2018-

As Yao Ming became the chairman of the China Basketball Association, he led both the CBA League and the previous National Games basketball games, Yao Ming paid great attention to protecting the rights and interests of sponsors, especially before the beginning of this season's CBA League tournament, the CBA League also specifically emphasized the protection of sponsored brands, and released the CBA calendar. However, in today's match between Jiangsu Tongxi and Shenzhen Men's Basketball Team, there was a funny scene. The wristband worn by Jiangsu foreign aid Pago and native player Guo Yifei was confiscated by the referee.

In this season's CBA game, players wear all the equipment, including jerseys, shoes, protective gear and so on, all are sponsored, so as long as the sponsor outside the brand is not allowed to wear or wear! However, in the NBA or CBA league, some players have the habit of wearing a wristband, I believe many amateur basketball fans also wear a wristband habits, his role is to stop sweat, wearing a wristband on the wrist can let sweat flow along the arm, but not directly to the palm, which can reduce the amount of palm. Sweat helps to control the ball. Of course, more NBA stars wearing wristbands are more of a decoration effect.

But the branding of the wristband must also be clear to everyone that there are no branded wristband sponsors in the current CBA tournament, so it's very likely that referees or technicians found out today that the wristband players wear is a contest!

But today the referee confiscated Pago's wristband, because of the consistency of the game in his pocket, do not know whether the referee after the end of the game to Pago wristband! And today's scene reminds all CBA teams and players to check their equipment before the game is against the rules! If you are punished because of your hand belt, it will be more than enough.