The Rise Of Silicone Wristbands

- Sep 25, 2017-

The silicone wristband firstly appeared in the United States in 2005 and was popular in a short time. The first silicone wristband was a yellow wristband with ”LIVESTRONG” which launched by Lance Armstrong, a racing champion of Tour de France.

In September 1996, only 25-year-old Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer. However, he stubbornly beat the disease and comeback after one-year treatment. 1996, he won the Tour de France total score champion and then successfully win in every next year. So he was regard as self-improvement sprit idol by so many Americans..

In May 2005, before the Tour de France, the Lance Armstrong Foundation joined forces with sponsor Nike and designed the yellow wrist-”LIVESTRONG”. They produced a total of 5 million yellow wristbands, each priced one dollar. The first batch of yellow bracelet was sold out quickly, thousands of viewers with yellow bracelet during the Tour de France, these yellow bracelet successfully helped him deliver the meaning of LIVESTONG: the spirit of fighting with fate, indomitable spirit of courage.

Since then, Silicone wristbands more links to a variety of organizational activities, branding, sports and other activities. In 2004 and 2005, we saw a lot of successful use: fast food industry giant McDonald's inspirational silicone bracelet is a very successful example, as well as PuMa, Nike and other clothing brands.

Nowadays, wristband is more and more widely used in daily life because it is cheap, easy available, environmental protection, non-toxic and it can deliver whatever message you want. So it gradually developed into a popular jewelry, loved so much by young people, and now there are various types popular around the world. So people not only like to use for commercial marketing but also love to use for religious activities, outdoor events, family parties, school proceedings, retail stores and for fundraising purpose. People can customize any slogan, logo, or text that can express their thoughts.