This Lanyard Has A Surprising Superpower

- Nov 19, 2018-

Lanyard does not seem to be the best candidate for new creative uses in the industry. After all, accessories perform basic functions: support for famous brands. However, at the 2018 meeting of leaders in Nashville, participants will be able to unlock the new power of the traditional conference necklace. In collaboration with PC / nametag, the PCMA sponsorship team is providing a rope for each registered conference professional and supplier at its flagship event as a mobile phone charging line. The supplier will receive standard lanyard. Adib Hashem, director or partner of PCMA, said the move stems from a surprising source.

"This idea comes from Lady Gaga," Hashem said. "She gave these VIP ticket holders these phone chargers on a recent tour, which was a huge blow. We wanted to test the same technology with our participants, because we knew they might want to use the same tools for their own audience. "

Hachem said the technology is still in its early stage. "This is not what it needs," Hachem said. "The power cord is not designed for your daily charger. First is the lanyard, the second is the emergency charging accessories. But this is a very cool concept. We want to see how it works. We've been in a situation where we forgot about the charger in the hotel room, which is a convenient way to help participants if they find themselves seeing a terrible low-power alarm. "

Kindra Evans, Sales Manager at PC / nametag, said the company regularly modifies its products to meet the additional needs of participants. Evans said: "customers have turned the accessories on the lanyard into a bottle opener." "During the event, there are many interesting additional benefits for identifying what is essential."

Evans acknowledged that high technology improvements really raise prices. However, she stressed that the more innovative the idea was, the more likely the company was to want its name as a sponsor. Evans said, "I always remind organizers that they do not have to do this alone." "They can look for sponsors to help launch this great product. No matter what the price is, one of the main priorities is creating experience. This extra function will only enhance this experience. "

In addition, as Hashem points out, sponsorship opportunities can last longer than three or four days of live experience. Hachem said, "you usually don't expect participants to keep their lanyard." "But this is a product that will continue to take effect after the end of the event. It is suitable for iPhone and Android devices, and can be used as standby charger by the participants. "