Black Blue Swirled Blank Wristbands

Black Blue Swirled Blank Wristbands

Made of 100% high quality silica gel, it is environmentally friendly and soft. 8 inches in circumference (202 mm) and 0.5 inches in width (12 mm). For all ages, for all occasions. Different colors bring different moods

Product Details

    What is more iconic than using personalized wristbands as fashion declarations? Think about it! Even in government departments or non-profit organizations, these black blue swirled blank wristbands can help in many areas to spread awareness of the cause or organize any sports or cultural activities. They are also used as passes to identify bracelets and events at parties. The popularity of these rubber wristbands has developed to a great extent in the modern market and is used by most people. These personalized wristbands are 100% latex-free and can be easily selected in various styles and colors


·         Name: Black Blue Swirled Blank Wristbands

·         No : BW12ASW

·         Style: Blank Wristband

·         Type: Swirl

·         Size: 202*12*2mm

·         Rush Service: Yes

·         Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs

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