Yellow Solid Debossed Rubber Wristbands

Yellow Solid Debossed Rubber Wristbands

Yellow solid debossed rubber wristbands is a popular fashion ornament for casinos, amusement parks, gifts, souvenirs, promotional materials, etc. A low cost, highly effective advertising, promotional gift. The silicone rubber wristband is suitable for all ages. One Size is suitable for most adults. Environmental friendly silicone (elastic)

Product Details

Motivation: remind you of your lifelong goals and daily tasks. It is suitable for exercise, training, diet, learning, competition and so on. Self motivating accessories can help you finish your work.

Enthusiasm: use it to break the deadlock or get rid of embarrassing situations. It can also create a high energy environment for your team, colleagues and colleagues.

Perfect reward: Give a sincere message after a great achievement, or just encourage colleagues to wear yellow solid debossed rubber wristbands.

Party: bring surprises to your guests and make them feel special in a very simple way. In a very complex world, use these inspiring yellow solid debossed rubber wristbands to enhance them. Sometimes, the simplest and cheapest gifts and gifts are what we need

Yellow Solid Debossed Rubber Bracelets1

Name: yellow solid embossed rubber wristbands

Number: DW12ASO

Style: pressed Wristband

Type: solid

Size: 202 * 12 * 2mm

Emergency services: Yes.

MOQ: 100

Yellow Solid Debossed Rubber Bracelets2

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